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Your One-Stop Solution for All Your Digital Marketing Needs

Hey, I'm Janae Peters, the founder and sole proprietor of my digital marketing business, J.Peters Agency. As a small business owner myself, I know how important it is to have a strong online presence. That's why I offer a range of digital marketing services to help businesses like yours grow their online presence.

At JPA, I specialize in social media management, website design and development, photography, content creation, logo and brand design, sales and marketing material, and eLearning development services. Here's a closer look at what I offer:

Social Media Management: I work with businesses to create a customized social media strategy that is tailored to their needs and goals. I provide detailed analytics and reporting to measure the success of your campaigns and help you reach your target audience.

Website Design and Development: I design and develop custom websites that are optimized for search engines, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive. I work with you to create a website that reflects your brand and provides a seamless user experience.

Photography: I offer professional photography services for businesses, including product photography, headshots, and event photography. My high-quality photos help businesses showcase their products and services in the best possible light.

Content Creation: I help businesses create high-quality content that is engaging, informative, and relevant to their audience. I create blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts that align with your brand voice and tone.

Logo and Brand Design: I help businesses create a strong brand identity that is memorable and reflects their values. My services include logo design, branding strategy, and brand guidelines.

Sales and Marketing Material: I help businesses create sales and marketing material that is compelling and effective. My services include brochure design, sales presentations, and digital marketing campaigns.

eLearning Development Services: I help businesses create custom eLearning courses and training programs that are engaging and effective. My services include instructional design, eLearning development, and learning management system (LMS) implementation.

At JPA, I'm committed to providing high-quality digital marketing services to help businesses like yours grow their online presence. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help your business succeed.

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